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Cable, Tachometer
Model(s): 1046, 1246, 1255, 1455, 946
Medium duty switch, easy to use and hook up. Great way to turn on or off a electrical device. 
ON-OFF two position switch 12 volt 15 amp.
Toggle Switch, 12 Volt 15 Amps
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Gas Strut
Gas Strut
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 644, 743, 744, 745, 745S, 844, 844S...
Water Pump w/o Pulley Includes Gasket.
Water Pump W/o Pulley
Model(s): 1046, 125E, 644, 744, 745, 844XL, 845, 845XL, 8...
Price: $42.97 Price: $8.85 Price: $43.72 Price: $152.19
If you are having problems with your  tractor being reliable, this is just the product for you.  
 Keeps battery terminals corrosion free. 
Seals high energy Ignition system wiring.
prevents voltage leakage, use it on your spark plug boots to prevent voltage leakage.
Made in the USA
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Dielectric Grease - Protect Your Ignition Voltage -
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
This switch is ON-OFF-ON 12 volt 15 Amp.
Medium duty for most anything you would want to switch.
Switch Toggle - Medium Duty
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Thermostat (180)
Thermostat (180)
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1255, 1455, 353, 385, 423, 45...
Thermostat Gasket
Thermostat Gasket
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1255, 1455, 3210, 3220, 3230,...
Price: $5.72 Price: $5.72 Price: $20.50 Price: $10.00
We have assembled this kit to include the items that we commonly use when winterizing a tractor.   We have winterized many tractors over the years and these are the best products that we have found for the job. 

1. 6 or 12 volt Float charger- the float charger will keep your battery charged during the winter. Charger automaticlly detects 6 or 12 volts. 
- After reaching peak 14.4 VDC, charge automatically switches to 13.2 float voltage
- When voltage drops below 12.6 VDC, charging resumes at 14.4 VDC
- Two color LED indicates state of charge
- Reverse polarity protected and spark proof
- 12volt output cord

2. Fuel stabilizer- We use Sta-bil brand fuel stabilizer which prevents gas from turning to turpentine.

3. Tire shine

4. Wax For your paint

5.  Anti freeze tester
Winterization Kit - Includes Float Charger/ Battery Tender
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
This connector is compatible with all standard trailer and DOT approved commercial transportation wiring.  If you are converting your tail lights to LED,  do it right way with these, made in the USA,  over molded terminal connectors that will insure that you never hook them up backwards.  LED tail lights are very sensitive to how they are hooked up and this standard LED over molded connector insures that you will never have a problem.  LED lights have a few differences from old incandescent light bulbs.  This connector organizes your wires in such a way as to prevent any confusion. If you have installed your new LED tail lights,  these connectors have to be added to your wiring harness. Once this is done, you are assured a weather and water resistant and reliable connection that only takes seconds. Made in the USA Bullet connector diameter is .155 inches in diameter.    .155 diameter is the national standard for trailer and commercial transportation lights.
LED connector over mold for LED lights - Made in USA
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Red handle is removable so you can use it like a key.
If you have a slow electrical leak in your Scout, you can keep the battery fresh with this kill switch.

Master Battery Isolator Switch 
2 Position On-Off 
Detachable Key 
Capacity of 500 Amps 
Battery Isolator - Kill Switch
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Fights corrosion on your battery terminals.  Extends battery life. Prevents corrosion from forming.
Battery Connector Spray
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Price: $85.98 Price: $4.99 Price: $21.88 Price: $6.49
Bushing, King Pin
Bushing, King Pin
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1246, 523, 540, 640, 644, 724...
Just let the rusty part sit in the solution for 30 minutes and the rust will be converted back in to metal.
The safest rust remover on the market.
No acids, VOC's or fumes, safe on skin and eyes, removes rust on bare metal. NOT poisonous,  water based and non flammable, PH neutral, biodegradable and ready to use. 

Rust Desolver, Water Based, Non Toxic- Evapo-rust
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 102, 1046, 106, 1086, 1090, 1140, 11...
Really great switch for lighting or anything that draws a lot of power.
Very heavy duty switch. 20 amp 125 volt, two position on-off.  This switch has 4 poles. Two separate incoming poles and two separate outgoing.
Switch, Toggle Type - High Amperage
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Radiator Cap
Radiator Cap
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1246, 1255, 1455, 353, 423, 4...
Price: $10.17 Price: $5.57 - $14.34 Price: $11.24 Price: $8.54
A must have for any Farmall. 

Kit Includes:
Cleaner Spray
Protection Spray
Terminal Brush
Red and Black Anti Corrosion Washers
Hand Cleaner
Battery Terminal - Protection Kit
Model(s): 06 SERIES, 10-20, 100, 100HC, 102, 1026, 1030, ...
Ever wonder if you should change your anti-freeze.
Ever try to fix a freeze cracked engine block?

This tester should be in your tool box. 
It has  two scales to show freeze point of radiator solution and boiling point of summer coolant.  Avoid winter freeze-ups and summer boil-overs.  Tests all Permanent solutions.
Made in the USA
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Anti-Freeze Tester - Accurate
Model(s): 1046, 105 COMBINE, 106, 1066, 1086, 1090, 1175,...
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1246, 385, 484, 485, 584, 585...
Water Pump w/ Gasket
Water Pump W/ Gasket
Model(s): 1046, 1055, 1056, 1246, 1255, 1455, 3088, 3288,...
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